Vitalize Infusion Center

Vitalize Infusion Center is located in sunny Chandler, Arizona. We are an outpatient infusion clinic offering IV preventative and restorative therapies. Come put your feet up in our beautiful relaxing atmosphere. Our highly skilled nurses will have you feeling your best in as little as an hour. Our concierge services, where we bring the therapy to you have the added benefit of not needing to travel if you are not feeling well.

Benefits to Outpatient Infusion Therapy

In the revitalized health craze, people exercise, eat clean, take supplements and hydrate to the best of their abilities. But then there are times that despite best efforts, we may fall behind the curve. Extreme workouts, long, hot Arizona days and lack of proper nutrition and hydration leaves the body weak and susceptible to breakdown, disease and sickness. Most would seek out an urgent care or even emergency room visits. These can be extremely costly and time consuming.

With the benefit of being a patient of our clinic, you can make a same day appointment and come in to get rehydrated. Add therapies that replenish your body’s much needed vitamins and micronutrients to give your system a complete rejuvenation. Compared to going to an urgent care or a lengthy wait in the ER, we will have you in and out and feeling better, faster. The experience will also be better on your wallet.

To properly rehydrate your body, it may take days, where IV infusion will get you across the finish line in a few hours. With added therapies, you have the best chance to fight off infection, allergies, heal, gain endurance and make your body strong.


  • IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapies
  • Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy
  • IV Vitamin and Mineral Replacement
  • Pre-chemotherapy and Post-Chemotherapy Restorative Therapy
  • Chelation Therapy
  • Men and Women’s Vitality
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Protein and Meal Supplements
  • Massage Therapy

*For other therapies such as beautification, visit the Vitalize Med Spa located in Suite 1.


We love our customers! We also love when our customers tell people they know about our services. For every referral you make that purchases a therapy, you will get a 10% credit for the current value of that therapy!